You may encounter some Excel problem and wish to get some help. Here is your opportunity to ask an Excel question and post it on this website, our instructor will try to answer your question via comment section so other people can also benefit from the questions and answers. Everyone is welcomed to ask Excel question. Though we […]

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  • 3D table

    I have a simple table with 20 names down the side and 10 products across the top. Any single name may be associated with any product by placing an ‘X’ in the cell underneath the applicable product. This is known as table A. I then have a second table (B) with the same layout as […]

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  • highlighting cells and dropdown boxes

    Hello I am creating a project management tool where I can manage the amount of work is done from start to finish. There are 4 heading: Task/Objective, Start Date, End Date and Status (Status is a drop down box that has options Not Started, In Progress and Completed with a colour key: Not Started = […]

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  • Golf betting table

    I have made a table (see below), When we have finished our round, we determine what team made birdies, If no other team birdies the same hole then your team wins the hole, I have cond. formatted to highlight in red if two or more teams birdie the same hole. that will cancel that hole […]

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    Hello, I have 2 tabs in this workbook: TEK01_TEK02 and TEKNION SCRAP DATA. The area in blue in TEK01_TEK02 is where I need the functions written out. My lookup values will be in TEK01_TEK02, columns A (Die A-2xxxx) and M-AE (i.e. 100%IN1, 100%INS, 100%QC, etc.). The data needs to be pulled from TEKNION SCRAP DATA. […]

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