Excel CoursesBelow are the Excel training courses we offer currently. All courses are available during the days and evenings. Day courses are delivered in one or multiple non-consecutive full days and evening courses are delivered one evening per week for multiple weeks.

If you want to find out how Super Excel training courses are different to the conventional Excel courses, click here.

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SE1-A – Super Excel Tables & Formatting (6 hours) – Click here for course outline

SE1-B – Super Excel Pivot Tables & Charts (6 hours) – click here for course outline

For people who are new to Excel or learned basic Excel skills in bits and pieces. 

SE2 – Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis (12 hours) – click here for course outline

For people who have basic or intermediate level Excel skills. This is our most popular course as it helps ordinary people to go beyond the basics and very quickly master very advanced Excel skills and be better than 50% of the working analysts .

Please note from functions and formulas perspective, the SE2 course does start from the basic; so even if you only have used Excel for one month, but if you have good logic, you will be able to understand everything, and become quite advanced after. They do not require knowledge from SE1 courses, you do need have basic familiarity with Excel though.

SE3 – Super Excel Modeling & Array Formulas (12 hours) – click here for course outline

For people who are already advanced in Excel. If you have worked as an analyst or senior analyst for some years, and never used/heard of array formulas, you will wish you had taken this course years ago.