• The Training
  • Is the training online or live instructor led?

    All the Super Excel training courses in GTA locations are instructor physically led live courses.


    Please note, it's NOT an instructor at a remote location appearing on your computer screen teaching you live.


    The instructor is physically in the same room where you are. You can ask question to the instructor directly. You can communicate with the instructor with full five senses.


    Also, it's NOT the instructor giving you the exercise book and asking you to follow the book to practice everything, and the instructor steps out of the classroom, only check back occasionally.


    The instructor actually teaches. The instructor will explain the concepts, demonstrate on the computer screen, then you will practice, and you can ask questions.

  • Am I going to get a certificate after taking the course?

    Yes, you will be issued a certificate upon completion of the course.

  • For my professional development requirement I need to show the number of hours of training I have completed. Will the certificate indicate the total hours?

    Yes. The certificate will indicate the total number of hours of the training course.

  • Do I need to bring my own laptop to the training?

    No. Computers are provided in the classroom.

  • Which Excel version do you use in the teaching?

    We mainly use Excel 2010 version in the public Super Excel training courses. Instructor computer also has 2013, 2016 version Excel installed, and can demonstrate with 2013, 2016 if required. For corporate on-site training, we will use the same Excel version that your employees use in the training.


    The difference between 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 versions are actually very small. For most of the courses, the minor version differences do not have much bearing in the learning and teaching. For the more basic level courses one will perceive and feel some difference, as 2013, 2016 version Excel is becoming smarter and will propose recommendation based on your data.

  • What materials do I get for the course?

    You will get all the electronic Excel training files with practice sheets and answer sheets. You will also get hard-copy notebook to guide your further practice and for future reference.

  • Registration Process
  • What is the refund policy?

    The refund policy is slightly different for different course offering. You will see refund policy on the registration form when you register a specific course. In general, refund is 100% when cancellation is made with required advance notice. To ensure customer satisfaction, when a course participant actually attends the course, is not satisfied with the training, and decides to cancel within first three hours, 100% refund will also be provided. For detail please refer to the refund policy of the specific course you register.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We encourage you to pay by credit card through online registration form. We accept Visa, Master, American Express. If you do not wish to pay online, we could arrange to pay by cheque or Interac e-Transfer.

  • I am taking this course, but my company is paying for me by credit card. How do I register?

    The registration process has two steps. The first step is to provide attendee contact information. The second step is to make payment by credit card. In the second step when you enter credit card information, you will enter the credit card holder's name, credit card billing address. It does not need to be attendee's credit card.

  • My company is paying for me to take this course. They require an invoice to make the payment. Can you send me an invoice?

    Yes. Please email your company name, address, course attendee name, course name, location, and course date to info@SuperExcel.ca, we will send you the invoice in PDF within 24 hours. In order to qualify for the early bird price, payment must be received by early bird price due date. Payment needs to be received before the course starts.

  • We have a few employees to take the same course, can I register multiple people in one payment process?

    No. If you are paying by credit card you need to go through the registration process for each individual respectively.

  • My company is (I am) going to pay by cheque, how do I register the course?

    The course registration has two steps. First step is to provide contact information for the attendee, second step is to make payment.


    You will complete first step to "confirm registration", and leave the registration as "incompleted", and do not proceed to second step to make payment.


    In the mean time, please send an email to info@SuperExcel.ca to indicate your incomplete registration and you are in process of mailing the cheque to Super Excel Inc. at 77 City Centre Drive, Suite 501, East Tower, Mississauga ON L5B 1M5. Once the cheque is received, we will change your payment status to completed in the backend, you will then receive the registration confirmation email from the system. That will complete your registration process.

  • Can I get a formal invoice/receipt for my online credit card payment?

    Yes. Upon completion of the online credit card payment, you will receive a purchase receipt email. If you require a formal invoice/receipt, just email info@SuperExcel.ca, we will email you the formal invoice/receipt in PDF.

  • Support
  • What kind of post-course support do you provide?

    We encourage attendees bringing in real work Excel challenges to the class, and the instructor will help to provide solution in the class or after the class. Even when the course is over, all attendees are welcomed to contact the instructor for the problems they encounter at work. Often time, an attendee may spend hours or days to solve a problem, but the instructor only needs few minutes or half an hour to solve it with the right Excel feature/function/formula combinations. If your demand requires a significant amount of instructor's time, we encourage you to consider the paying option of one-on-one training or Excel consulting with Super Excel. But, do not be afraid to ask first, your 10 hours work might require only 10 minutes of the instructor's time. If it turns out requiring big effort, the instructor will kindly let you know.

  • Can I retake the same course for free?

    Yes. Within one year you can retake the same course at the same location for free if space is available. In special circumstance we may allow you to retake the same course at a different location for free if space is available.

  • I'm determined to take the course, but due to workplace emergency, I could not attend the course, and it has passed the refund due date. What can I do?

    You could make up the course in a future offering at the same location for free within one year if space is available. In special circumstance, we may allow you to make up the course at a different location for free within one year if space is available.

  • I took one evening course with multiple classes, but missed one class (or will miss one class), what options do I have?

    We will try to arrange to have you make up the class before subsequent class in a different location if that is possible, otherwise you may come back in next round to make up the missing class in the same location if space is available (we will try hard).

  • For the day courses, is lunch provided?

    Lunch is not provided in the day courses.