This will help you to go beyond and become an Excel Superhero.


Never before has a super effective and efficient Excel training like this been created…

Finally a way to get more out of Excel with less efforts!

What could the Super Excel training do for your career?

“I was originally skeptical as Excel has been around forever and there are thousands books and courses out there; I decided to try the first class anyway because it was free and it was recommended by a colleague who took the course. I signed up for the full course after the FIRST HOUR. The instructor has really consolidated Excel’s analytical capabilities into a compact course. I may have eventually learned this material using other books and courses but not in the efficient manner that I did with Super Excel and definitely not as quickly. The skills I gained in this course were critical in helping me obtain a promotion with my current employer.” ~ Kwame B.

“I have taken Excel courses before, but never had it presented in the practical, real-world, easy to apply to your job way that the Super Excel Course does. After the first 30 minutes of the free class you can tell that you are being taught how to solve real world problems using Excel and that it would only get better. Taking Super Excel has improved my confidence using Excel and made me think of things I can volunteer for at work to look better. The fact that you can come back to review anything for one year after taking Super Excel is just the cherry on top. Thanks for all of your help!” ~ Tate B.

“I am a Financial Analyst, and use Excel to complete the financial reports and business analyses. But I was not me at the beginning; I had a hard time to complete the job due to the limitation of my Excel skill. Super Excel course saved me on the job, and extended my opportunity to move on.” ~ William W.

woman-gives-thumbs-up-300x199“I took on a new position as a Senior Financial Analyst for a large corporation and quickly found my Excel skills lacking for the requirements of the job as the job was different from I was doing as an accountant. The stress on me was enormous as I would be working from home late into the night and on the weekends after long hours at the office. After taking the Super Excel course I now use the skills learned to analyze the large amount of data I handle every day and have reduced the time it takes me to complete my work dramatically. I am happier, spending less time on the job, and spending more time with my family. I feel grateful that my Super Excel instructor was so knowledgeable and eager to help when I had questions. He added great value to me through this course.” ~ Jessica W.

Why Super Excel Helps?

success-road-sign-150x150A lot of people believe they already have a good handle of Excel, as they have been using it for years, managed to get work done. This is the biggest misunderstanding about Excel. The truth is majority of Excel users are spending way too much time to get work done than what they really need if they have the right Excel skills. Even though some people may have learned already using certain Excel features and functions, but they are using them in silos.

What does it mean using them in silos? Say, two people both know how to use the same 10 Excel functions. Person A only uses each function on its own, but person B not only uses each function individually, but also combine those functions creating nested functions/formulas, and further person B incorporates a little bit logic creating models with those same 10 functions.

walking-stair-up-man-300x200Excel is very powerful, but many of us only touched its surface, have not taken advantage of Excel’s true power. Yes, Excel can create and format tables; yes, Excel can generate charts and make them pretty; but, the greatest thing about Excel is, its ability to help us to process and analyze data effectively and efficiently.

In this new information era, data is everything. Data drives everything. But pure data does not do anything. Processing and analyzing the data and translating them into meaning insights to help make better decision give data the power.

“Super Excel is amazing! It opened a door for me to see what Excel work should look like. Before taking this course, I had some Excel skills, even pivot table, vlookup which I used in my work. But this course really showed me how powerful Excel is, which I had never realized. So many well-organized examples and cases demonstrated to me how the Excel functions can be fully applied to our work to reach what we want. It is not just about explaining functions, but directing me to a way of how to think systematically and logically in completing my work. It really brought my Excel skills to a higher level.” ~James G.

How Super Excel Helps You?

Maybe you have tried to learn more advanced Excel skills before, but it never flew…

Many people think that the highly advanced level of Excel skills takes many many years to develop and very difficult to learn. This is true to many people, because they never found the right way to learn Excel; and it is definitely not true to many other people, because they learned from other very experienced advance users how Excel can be used effectively and efficiently in real life work.

key-to-successWith the Super Excel training courses you will spend only 20% of the time to master enough Excel skills that will contribute to 80% of your job performance. The secret is – do not try to learn everything Excel has to offer, only learn the part that is most useful, and especially the creative ways those features and functions can be combined to process and analyze data.

How do you know which parts are most useful? What are those different ways to combine those functions?

Follow our instructor who is a seasoned senior analyst. The creative combination of Excel functions comes from years of experience in processing and analyzing real business data, and you will find them in the specially developed Super Excel courses.

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“I really enjoyed the Super Excel course. Many of the advanced skills he shared with students are from his years of constant practice and his own creativity, which is not available in other existing books or resources. Moreover, the instructor conveys information in a superbly effective manner – the course is well designed, examples and questions are carefully selected, and he converts the very complicated problems into relatively simple ones, and makes them easy to be understood. By taking this inspiring and encouraging course, I not only improved my knowledge and skills about Excel, but also rebuilt confidence.” ~ Gloria W.

excellence-just-ahead-green-road-sign-with-dramatic-clouds-sun-rays-and-sky“My Excel skill was improved significantly through this course. I have learned tons of cool functions that I would have never found out by myself. I have also learned to think logically and then incorporate it into Excel models that can help me in doing my job. It totally eliminated my “Excel panic” and I can proudly say that Excel is never going to be a pain in my life.” ~ Rex J.

You may say, “But, I just think it’s too difficult for me …”

Actually the truth is: Excel is not that difficult to learn, if you have an experienced highly advanced Excel user to guide you. The difficulty is that when you learn by yourself or via conventional Excel courses, you will not know what are the most needed, and you will not get the exposure of how creatively those functions and features could be combined to solve business problem.

Would you think those highly advanced level Excel users learned Excel in a non-ordinary way?

Climbing-ladder-ladyThe truth is they did. They learned from other real life advanced Excel users. You will not become an Excel Superhero by trying to learn every single bit of Excel features and functions, because you will give up when you don’t see the benefits of many of those Excel features and functions you learned. If you want to master the Super Excel skills, learn from those Excel masters. What Excel features and functions do they use? How do they use them? How do they incorporate logic into Excel modeling? You will find them in the Super Excel training courses.

The Super Excel training courses will build your Excel strength and take it to a high level you never thought of.