Steve Huang 228X343My name is Steve Huang. I am the instructor of the Super Excel training courses.

I developed the very first Super Excel training course in 2009, and I have been teaching it every week since then. Over the years the Super Excel training approach has proven to be very effective and efficient in helping people to learn the right Excel skills in the right way, eventually I developed a series of Super Excel courses following the same approach.

I worked for nine years at LCBO as a senior supply chain analyst, and three years at Walmart Canada as a distribution analyst prior to that. Early in my career, I worked as a civil engineer building bridges for five years.

It took me the first six years in my business job to reach the Excel skill level taught in the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, but you don’t need to spend six years. Because I did not spend six years to LEARN, instead I spent six years to GAIN that critical EXPOSURE of the powerful ways of using Excel.

You will gain that exposure and learn all those Super Excel skills in very short number of hours, because I handpicked the most needed, most important, most essential, and most useful Excel features & functions, and will guide you through to combine them to do an incredibly amazing job.

Besides my Excel training expertise, I’m also a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster (ACPF), Retail Supply Chain Certification (RSCC) Certified, and Professional Logistician (P.Log.).

I’m a fan of the 6000 years old book I Ching (Classic of Changes), and I’m fascinated with the convergence of the Quantum Mechanics and Buddhist Philosophy. I believe each one of us has the biggest power in the world. That power is our thought, or mind, or consciousness, or the spiritual essence of our being. Believe You Can, You Will.

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success-lady“I must say I was concerned it would not deliver on expectations initially however I am so glad that they readily offered a free demonstration class where I got to meet the instructor. Within minutes of meeting the instructor, any concerns I had dissipated since he happily and effectively addressed all the questions everyone attending had. In fact, throughout the entire course, he worked hard both during the class and after to better ensure the complex concepts were thoroughly explained. He is very approachable, has a great outlook and most importantly extremely knowledgeable. Although the class is three hours a night, he made the time fly by and I looked forward to going each week!” ~ Rae B.

“I enjoyed every class in the Super Excel course, where the instructor shared his experiences, knowledge and skills with us. He prepared large volumes of real life Excel cases with practice and answer files. I would say this is really a high quality and professional course. It opened a window and let me know how amazing it is if one acquires the super Excel skills.” ~ Lanie Z.

“I have changed my job three weeks ago. Now I am working as a financial analyst for a telecom company. To be honest, I didn’t expect the Super Excel course would help me so much when I decided to take it. But it actually helped to advance my career from Customer Data Analyst to Financial analyst which requires more financial modeling skills and logical thinking.

thumbs up rightthumbs up leftBefore taking Super Excel course, I thought I had expert level Excel skills but I was totally stunned in the classes. He taught me not only many high-level Excel functions & sophisticated formula, but he also showed me how to combine them together to make complicated modeling easy and automated. The amazing thing is that I found my logical thinking and problem solving skills has also improved after this course. My two managers all expressed that they were impressed by how quickly I complete financial modeling and reporting by using strong Excel skills.” ~ Flora A.