workinghandsThe Super Excel training courses can be delivered on-site for corporate clients that are located in Great Toronto Area and other cities. For large corporations, the Super Excel training courses could be set up as year-round on-going program for internal employees.

If you have the room but not the projector or computers on site, we can provide the projector and a laptop for every attendee.

Dates and times are flexible to ensure most effective learning for the attendees and minimum interruption to the business operations.


We charge a very reasonable fee for corporate on-site Super Excel training that are customized to your needs and will address the specific Excel challenges you or your staff are facing. Depending on your geographic location, number of attendees, number of training hours required, need of equipment, level of Excel skills being trained, the fee will vary. There will be a minimum fee and a per person charge.

 You will obtain the greatest return on the Super Excel training investment provided to your employees. They will get more done in less time; they will be happier; they will have a higher level of self esteem; they will make your organization more successful.  Please email or call (647)654-5835 to get a quote and to understand how the Super Excel training can help in making your organization a high performance organization.