The truth is we are not really teaching Excel software.

We are teaching people how to process, analyze, and present business data effectively and efficiently.

practical 3

There is a huge difference here. Software teaching is to tell you what the software has, and how each piece of the features works. This is very common in conventional Excel training courses.

We are teaching you how to process, analyze, and present data, and which of those Excel features and functions can be combined in a way to accomplish the objective effectively and efficiently.

Software teaching focus on showing you what the software has, Super Excel focus on how and what Excel features and functions can be used or combined to derive meaning from the data.

Many people KNOW Excel, but only a small amount of Excel superheros know how to use it effectively and efficiently.

That’s where Super Excel comes in. We do not care what Excel has, we care about what we need from Excel and how to combine them to process data and analyze data.

Practical 1Based on many years work experiences processing and analyzing large volume of data in business environment, we have picked the most needed, most essential, most important Excel features and functions, together with lots of examples to show you how to combine those functions/features to process, analyze, and present data in real world.

In real work, we are not really using large amount of features and functions within Excel, but we definitely combine those features and functions in many different ways to help us to solve complex problems. In the Super Excel training courses, that is exactly what we did – showing you all those different ways to use those feature/function/formula combinations to solve real life problem.

“I have taken Excel courses before, but never had it presented in the practical, real-world, easy to apply to your job way that the Super Excel Course does. After the first 30 minutes of the first class you can tell that you are being taught how to solve real world problems using Excel and that it would only get better. ” ~ Tate B.

practical 2“Super Excel is amazing! It opened a door for me to see what Excel work should look like. Before taking this course, I had some Excel skills, even pivot table, vlookup which I used in my work. But this course really showed me how powerful Excel is, which I had never realized. So many well-organized examples and cases demonstrated to me how the Excel functions can be fully applied to our work to reach what we want. It is not just about explaining functions, but directing me to a way of how to think systematically and logically in completing my work. It really brought my Excel skills to a higher level.” ~James G.